Breakthrough Leader Certification And Mentoring Program Taking Leaders to Next Level  

  • We face unrelenting, warp speed, disruptive change!
  • Fierce competition. 
  • Millennials - who are dominant and misunderstood in the workforce - occupy leadership positions.
  • Yet, 63% of Millennials say “their leadership skills are not being fully developed.” - Deloitte  
  • There are concerns about the efficacy of existing leadership development strategies.
  • We need future-ready Breakthrough Leaders!

A Breakthrough Leader:  

  • Identifies and pursues innovative alternative paths
  • Drives change and next level goal attainment
  • Transforms static thinking and infuses creativity
  • Probes with unasked questions unearths hidden insights
  • Sees things from another angle
  • Guides skillfully with goal-focus. resilience and empathy
  • Focuses on WHAT & WHY
  • Finds answers to HOW without being trapped by it
  • Plans and executes exceptionally
  • Is not risk averse 
  • Masters DISCerning Communication 
  • Manages conflict effectively and promotes cohesion 
  • Connects and inspires stakeholders

Looking for new insights to propel your organization to achieving greater results? 

Need to prepare a cadre of future-ready leaders? 

Not progressing quickly enough in some areas and determined to transform them now? 

Low Employee Engagement a drag on your growth? 

Not ready to address Millennial issues and to incorporate them in the mainstream? 

Happy about some achievements and eager to push to the next level of performance? 

If any of those questions hit home, your organization is in need of a BREAKTHROUGH.

Sign-up for a transformative 12-month Mentoring Program including membership in the exclusive Breakthrough Online Membership Community and immersion learning Boot Camp experiences in interactive webinars!

The Success with People Academy is authorized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to offer Professional Development Credits that may be applied to CP and SCP re-certification.

Your journey to the next level validated by an internationally-respected seal.

The program is structured with progress assessment and tracking devices to facilitate completion and ensure a solid return on investment.

This is a goal-focused program for organizations who are serious about moving to the next level.

Keri S Smith - Breakthrough Catalyst and Best-Selling Author with Capacity Development Coach and Compass for Leaders Trevor E S Smith

Keri is an International Best-Selling Author, Business Builder and Senior Advisor to executive management in Fortune 500 companies. She has worked with corporate leaders, churches and women-in-business programs to consistently drive next-level results. She has answers!

Below Keri with Tony Robbins

The Breakthrough Boot Camp And Mentoring Program is valid for the award of the Breakthrough Leader Certification and PDCs for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certifications from the Society for Human Resource Management.

A Breakthrough Leader is a Pathfinder, Obstacle Remover and Problem Solver

How many are on your team? 

In the highly competitive global environment organizations need leaders who will chart new courses, clear barriers and find answers.

They need trained and certified Breakthrough Leaders.

Get your leadership team future-ready. 

Sign up to train, mentor and certify Breakthrough Leaders now!

Formal content is being added to the Breakthrough Leader Membership Community on a weekly basis. Organizations have the option of adding, repurposing or requesting customized content.

In addition, new insights may be gleaned from contributions to the Discussion Forum and comments on the empowering Blog posts. 

Courses and Handbooks include:  

  • How To Increase Your Personal Influence 
  • DISCerning Communication: What It is, Benefits, Best Practice, Misuse 
  • The Handbook On Sexual Harassment  
  • Practical Project Management 
  • High Performing Teams: Working with Dominance and Influence 
  • High Performing Teams And The I-Style 
  • Breaking Bad Habits 
  • DISCerning Communication Constrains Conflict 
  • Time And Task Management 
  • Why Change Can Be Challenging 
  • The Handbook On Business Ethics  
  • Developing Fundamental Management Competencies I
  • How To Make Meetings More Productive 
  • How To Give Instructions That Get It Done Right The First Time 
  • How To Delegate For Best Results 
  • 7 Ways To Be Engaged, Enjoy Your Job And Be More Productive 
  • Navigating The Internet - Ethics, Pitfalls, Safe Practices
  • Common Leadership Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them
  • Developing Fundamental Management Competencies II
  • Change Management & Transformational Thinking  

The Breakthrough Leader Certification And Mentoring Program provides the X-Factor that takes you to the next level

  • Our expert panel will guide you into achieving breakthroughs and drive leaders and organization to the next level!

Individually and collectively we hold on to limiting mind-sets, policies and practices. 

What would it mean if you identified and removed even one?

Have you considered the cost of communication challenges to the organization?

What if you could develop a culture in which the language of behaviors is spoken and the DISCerning Model of Communication is adopted?

What if instructions could be communicated in a language that gets them readily understood?

What if feedback could be given and received in a conflict-avoidance environment?

What if you could have the benefit of high performing teams?

All this is available in the Breakthrough Leader Certification and Mentoring Program.

The program reaches more people, more frequently, with more relevant content, and more robust tracking for less!  

Claim your FREE access to the Membership Community!

Here's some of what this full-out, intensive Breakthrough Leader Certification And Mentoring Program will deliver in addition to the formal SHRM-backed certification and exclusive Membership Community with its Courses, Boot Camp, Blog and Discussion Forum.  

Setting the Baseline

You will understand why it is often difficult for to achieve breakthroughs or sustain the results. 

Achieving clarity as to what you do and why and whether that is what you ought to do is a corner stone of achieving breakthroughs.

Your What and Why will guide your How.

Pattern Intervention

  Sharing a vision can get us started and even allow us to achieve key milestones along the way, however, a goal achievement process anchored solely on shared vision, often peters out.  

 You will learn how to identify and interrupt disempowering behaviors and mind-sets that frustrate sustained goal attainment.  

Personal Integrity 

The greatest ideas and best laid plans mean nothing if we don’t trust ourselves to follow through. What does our word mean? Do we believe what we say? Do we do what we say? 

You will learn how to ramp up your levels of intentionality and accountability. 

Trust is a key element of the glue that holds teams together.  

Behavioral DNA

Learn how personal Behavioral DNA Analysis and Team Diagnostics provide critical insights that drive breakthroughs.

Participate in the review of case studies and in the practical application of behavioral diagnostics as a platform to take you and your team to the next level.

Team Diagnostics debriefing takes Vision Alignment and Future-readiness Analysis to a much higher level.

Management Development

A cross-section of courses is available in the Membership Community to further develop management expertise.

The formal SHRM-backed certification is linked to completion of courses and serves as an accountability partner in the Mentoring Program.

The purpose-driven Blog and instructive Discussion Forum provide a unique 12-month learning experience.

Manifesting Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs don’t just happen. There is a science to this. A formula. 

You will review assorted case studies regarding how top businesses or leaders were able to rise to the next level of achievement. You will understand the formula for their success. 

You will learn the key steps to manifest a breakthrough whenever you want. 

Consistency Cheat Code

Once we have achieved our goal – there is a risk that we may fall back into old patterns or habits.  

You will understand typical pitfalls that take you off the path to success and key tips on how to get back on track.  

You will receive a Destiny Mapping Workbook to anchor you as you move forward.  

Future-Ready Leadership

The data confirm the changing face of the workforce. Millennials have now become the largest grouping in the workforce. Many occupy executive positions.

Many leaders are at a loss as to how to address this new phenomenon.

Leaders and Supervisory Personnel at all levels require specific coaching to become future-ready.

The program is delivered by the Success with People Academy – a SHRM Recertification Provider and a Division of INFOSERV Learning Management System Limited.

 It incorporates over two decades of innovative technology-driven human capacity development and performance enhancement solutions. 

We guide teams to achieve next level goals with revealing diagnostics, proven content and solid hands-on experience honed across sectors.  

 We provide answers! 

What: Access to Webinars, Courses, Blogs, Boot Camp and Discussion Forum

When: 12-months from sign-up date. Enter the program at any time.

Where: Online from an Internet-capable PC, Laptop or Smart device and one seminar room Boot Camp option.

Why: You want your teams to be the best that they can be and want to give them clarity and guidance to get to the next level.

NOTICE: This is a result-driven, intensive learning, coaching and mentoring experience. We have a great deal of value to add including addressing your issues. 

We are committed to making this the launch pad to take you to the next level.

Mentoring: Keri, Trevor and the Success with People Academy team will provide 12 months of ongoing support including access to the exclusive Breakthrough Leader Certification And Mentoring online Membership Community.

Diagnostics: You receive your Personal Leadership DNA Analysis and insightful Team Maps from Extended DISC on the revolutionary FinxS Platform. 

Images and extracts courtesy of Extended DISC International.

So...are you ready to step up to the next level?

Breakthrough Leader Certification And Mentoring Program

Breakthrough Leader Certification and PDCs for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certifications from the Society for Human Resource Management.


Access to 12 live Online Breakthrough Immersion Learning Experiences 


1 of 3 Boot Camp Options


12 months Mentoring Support including Membership in the Exclusive Breakthrough Boot Camp Online Community. 


Leadership DNA Analysis from Extended DISC on the FinxS Platform

Inner circles, Teams and Groups receive Extended DISC/FinxS Team Maps and Diagnostics

Participation Options

Individual: US$500

Inner Circle (5): US$2250

Team (10): US$4000

Group: Ask

We accept credit cards or Paypal.

Organizations may request payment options.



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